Sparkles and Pastels for Summer


Now that the sun is out and officially here to stay, it’s time to start thinking about what colors compliment the new season. Fall and winter was all about nudes and darks. And in the past, neon and bright nail polish colors have dominated the spring and summer seasons; but this year, we’re here to let you know that pastels and glitters may actually be your new best friend.


Pastel colors are great for the sunny days because it mutes the undertone and brings more attention to your skin. Pastels also work really well in bringing out golden and olive tones; so of course, that makes your subtle golden glow even more noticeable! Here at Beauty Coach we recommend trying out these 4 pastel colors that are sure to show off your tan.

1) RGB’s Vellum
2) Essie’s Borrowed & Blue
3) OPI’s Infinite Shine- Pretty Pink Perseveres
4) OPI’s That’s Hula-Rious


Another great trend that’s been blowing up lately is wearing glitter on everything. From body glitter, to hair glitter, to makeup glitter- it’s literally everywhere! So why not stay on trend and make sure that glitter is here to stay, especially on the nails? Glitter nails draw attention to the nails, but also reflect off the sunlight, making your nails pop even more! So, here at Beauty Coach we recommend trying:

1) Essie’s Rock at the Top
2) OPI’s Charmmy & Sugar
3) Forever 21’s Baby Blue Glitter Polish


So make sure you stock up on pastels and glitters for your favorite go-to nail polish. The sun is here to stay, so make sure your nails are ready for the adventure!

Beauty Coach Team

Julie Vu


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