The French Fade

If you’ve ever been to a nail salon, you’ve most likely heard the phrase “pink and white,” floating around. Pink and white refers to the classic French manicure style for classic white tips with a clear, pink nail bed. Now, it comes with a twist! Baby Boomer Nails, also known as the “French Fade,” are a huge trend right now. They’re a new take on the classic French manicure, still with the same white tips, but with more of a gradual fade of pink to white, and with a frosted effect. This subtle ombre French trend is timeless, elegant, romantic, and so easy to recreate at home!

Before we get started, this minimalistic trend is much softer than it’s predecessor. because of it’s frosted nature, you can add a matte top coat and change it up even more! But the key to this look is all in the blending, so keep this in mind as we walk you through how to achieve the perfect Baby Boomer Nails!

First, apply a base coat and color. For the base coat, we recommend using Deborah Lippmann’s Hard Rock Nail Strengthening Base and Top Coat. Formulated to strengthen and protect, this base coat is also clear, which is definitely recommended for this look.

Next, pick out a nude baby pink color for the nail bed. Products like OPI’s Patience Pays Off Infinite Shine Nail Polish, along with Nails Inc’s Lexington Street Nailkale Polish, and Essie Gel Couture’s Fairy Tailor Nude Pink are all perfect choices for this look. They’re soft, rich, and go perfect with all skin tones. Apply this color all over the bed of the nails in two, thin coats.

After that dries, use a makeup sponge to create the seamless ombre frosted tips. Paint your original baby pink color in a horizontal line across the top of the sponge, and directly underneath paint another line with your white polish. Be sure to paint a couple coats onto the sponge so that it’s damp enough to stamp onto your nails. For your white polish, try vibrant whites like Orly’s French Manicure in White Tip or NARS’ Iconic Color Nail Polish in Ecume.

Now, stamp the sponge onto your nails, making sure that the white side of the sponge is being stamped onto the tip of your nails. Roll your nails around under the sponge and be sure the blend blend blend! After it’s dry, paint a top coat on your nails using either a shiny or matte finish, and there you have it! Hope you enjoy this trend of mixing ombre and the classic French manicure as much as we do!

Beauty Coach Team

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