The Naked Truth About Going Nude

Who doesn’t like a good nude? That is: a good nude nail polish! Here at Beauty Coach we love the versatility and simplicity a nude polish can give you. A nude polish, if done correctly can be seen as casual, or it can be dressed up for a night out. Either way, you can’t go wrong with a nude polish. However, much like a nude lipstick, it can bring out your features but if you do it wrong, it will definitely wash you out. So, with that being said, we want to help you pick the best nude color for your skin tone!

Cool Skin:
A trick for figuring out if you have cool tone or warm tone is to look at your veins. If you have bluish veins you’re cool tone! And with cool tone skin, we recommend going with a lighter nude polish, and a pinker undertone vs a brown undertone that will cause your hands look extra pale in contrast! Try products like Essie’s Treat Love and Color Strengthener in the color Cream Finish or Essie’s Nail Lacquer in Pink Diamond. Also, OPI’s Venice Nail Lacquer in the color Tiramisu for Two is a great light pink color that would blend in with the natural nail. All three colors are a true pink tone nude polish that’s sure to look great on lighter skin tones!

Warm Tone:
For those with warmer skin tones, your veins are going to be a greenish color, vs the blue or those with lighter skin. The nude color that would look best is something with a browner undertone. Just like the lipstick analogy we used earlier, we all made a mistake of picking a color that was too light for our skin tone. So, instead of it looking “nude” it looked more “pale,” which is something that we’re definitely trying to avoid. So with that being said, polish colors like OPI’s Infinite Shine Nail Polish in the shade Half Past Nude, or Essie’s 2-piece Speed Setter and Top Coat in the color Medium Beige are polish colors with rich brown undertones, great for any warm toned beauty!

Try it all out and let us know what you think!

Beauty Coach Team

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