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As we all know, trends never go out of style, they just tend to get recycled and made better. A trend that’s really been picking up lately, especially in 2017, is vintage inspired everything! Influencers such as Selena Gomez, Kendall Jenner, and more have all taken us back a few decades with their retro style. That being said, what better way to showcase your new style by starting with a trip to the salon? Here at Beauty Coach, we’re here to tell you just what to ask for in order to get some vintage inspired nails!


1. Less is More
A great way to get nails that are retro, but still in style, is asking for negative space. Negative space is where part of the original nail is still showing through the polish. Ask for stripes that cut through the nail, or triangles that point out from the nailed. If you’re doing this at home, we recommend using some nail tape in order to assist you in separating the polish from the rest of the nail. Veroda Rolls Striping Tape is great for this! Also, use Da Vinci Nail Series Gel Technique Brush to wipe away any polish that got in your negative space!


2. Gems and Jewelry
Ask your manicurist to help you adhere a single gem to your nails in order to show off that retro style. Just like the teeth jewelry craze that’s going around right now- using a gem for your nails can scream 90’s. Try colors such as Beauty Factory’s Nail Art Crystal Rhinestones in Light Rose to add a youthful look to your nails.


3. Holograms
Reflective nails are also a style that’s definitely circled around back from the past few decades. Colors like Juliep’s Holographic Nail Color in Angie or Brandy, definitely give a 70s inspired look, but also incorporates today’s growing trends as well.


4. Stripes and Flowers
Something that is for sure going to allow you to fit in with the vintage trends is stripes and flowers. Stripes by themselves already make a statement, but when you add a few flower nail arts as well, it’s surely going to set you back a few years (in a good way)! Ask for vertical stripes, and be sure to include some white polish (China Glaze’s White on White is a great choice) to ensure a clean crisp look! If you’re doing this at home, we recommend investing in a nail dotting tool, such as Mirada’s Nail Art Dotting Pen, in order to get some beautiful flowers on your nails!

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