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Episode 117: The Nine Zero One Way: Part 1


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Change is coming, and it’s never looked so fabulous! Who else get’s all kinds of excited when their client utters those magical words…”I’m ready for a makeover”! One of the many things that makes Nine Zero One so special is their exceptional ability to completely alter a client’s look while still staying true to who they are and not making them feel like a completely different person. We always want our client’s to leave us exuding confidence…especially when they’re making a huge change! Beauty Coach TV couldn’t help but bring in Nine Zero One’s very own Nikki Lee to show us her serious color skills and how she can completely transform a client’s color! In the first half of this two part series, she’ll be taking us through her consultation process, unique color application techniques, all the way through to the fab end result! We’re so glad that she’s here with us on BCTV to equip you with ALL of the tools that you’ll need to ensure your client is 100% confident and ready for their hair makeover! Be sure to tune in this week AND next to catch all of Nikki’s trade secrets!


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