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Episode 210: Committed to Curly (Cutting with Riawna Capri)



Sometimes it’s tricky talking that long and curly haired client into a new style when it’s, well, let’s just say waaaay overdue. They’re often scared that their hair will go TOO short and let’s be honest, that fear is real on BOTH sides of the chair when it comes to curly haired clients. With that being said, our very own Riawna Capri is here with us on BCTV’s home edition to show you a fabulously contemporary curly cut as well as provide you with all the knowledge to make it happen. She’s going to be showing you all kinds of her top secret cutting tricks that will help you take full control of any kind of curly texture without going too short or too blunt. We are absolutely loving all of Riawna’s techniques and can’t wait for you to see them. When you master curly hair, you’ll have a client for life!


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