Blemishes…The Struggle Is Real


Dealing with blemishes isn’t as easy as putting on makeup and wishing that the tiny visitor that has taken up resident on your face will go away on its own. Pimples are a part of being human, and everyone tends to get them. This is especially the case when the hot weather comes around and going outside is unavoidable. The environment and our own bodies can be our worst enemies when it comes to keeping clear and even textured skin. That’s why, here at Beauty Coach, we’ve put together a survival guide in order to fight those blemishes head on!


1. Stop touching your face!
Fight that pimple before it even becomes one! Our hands are constantly touching so many different surfaces, so when it comes into contact with our face, it makes sense that it would irritate our skin. Try not to squeeze and pop those zits, and avoid touching your face the best you can.


2. Eat Well and Hydrate!
A lot of people don’t realize how important hydration and eating healthy are. As you’ve heard before, “You are what you eat!” And although this doesn’t mean literally, it does mean that foods that are unhealthy will probably have unwanted results long term. Hydrating your body with water really helps to push the impurities out, so try drinking at least 8 glasses a day!


3. Wash your face!
We know how difficult it is, after a long day, to keep a routine of washing our face. However, this is an essential step in preventing breakouts. Our skin faces so many harsh elements in our day to day life, often picking up dirt and bacteria. So products like Aveeno’s Clear Complexion Foaming Facial Cleanser can really help wash away the impurities.

4. Wash your face again!
For those of you who don’t wear makeup, you can skip this step. But for those that do, be sure to wash your face twice before you go to bed. The first time, to get rid of all the makeup, and the second to really target deep within your skin. Clinique’s Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm is a great product to melt makeup away before washing.


5. Be sure of your products!
We often get so caught up in hearing about the best products, that we don’t realize that while it may be the best product for someone else, doesn’t mean it is for you. After all, all skin types are different. So try experimenting, and making sure that the products you use are really customized to your skin’s needs. Three step cleansing techniques work really well in order to combat breakouts.

For oily skin, we recommend using Tatcha’s Pure One Step Camila Cleansing Oil, followed by their Polish Classic Rich Enzyme Powder, and Water Cream.

For combination and dry skin, try Clinique’s Anti Blemish Solutions Three Step Solution Type 2 (Dry Combination)


6. Moisturize!
Be sure to moisturize your face! This prevents your skin from creating excess oil in order to compensate for the ones it lost. Once again, use a moisturizer that fits your skin type. Although, products that are oil free such as Neutrogena’s Oil Free Moisturizer works great with a variety of different skin types!

Beauty Coach Team

Julie Vu


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