Burn Baby, Burn

We all love having fun in the sun, but sometimes, even if we make smart choices we still end up with some unintended consequences. We’ve all experienced the sting of a good sunburn. And by good, we mean that awful shade of red we turn where our skin is tender to the touch, starts to flake off and itch to high heaven! Here at Beauty Coach, we know you can’t resist spending a day outdoors and soaking up that Vitamin D, so if you happen to find yourself getting a nasty sunburn, don’t worry! We’re here to help you replenish and repair!

Step 1: Get rid of dehydration
Cool off the skin by taking a cold shower/ bath. Then, drink lots of water after a sun burn! Not only is your skin dehydrated, but your body most likely is as well. Replenish the skin from inside out and make sure you drink plenty of fluids.

Step 2: Moisturize
Make sure that you moisturize the damaged skin. Use products with ingredients such as Clove, Lavender, Cucumber, Ginseng, and Aloe to sooth the skin and keep from further irritation. Try products such as Laura Mercier’s Body Butter Crème Brulee which is infused with Aloe and Honey, meant to hydrate and moisturize the skin. Products such as Mario Badescu’s Facial Spray with Aloe, Chamomile, and Lavender is light weight and guaranteed to boost hydration. It’s also infused with Vitamin C which helps the skin repair itself!

Step 3: Don’t scratch
Because your skin is so inflamed after a sunburn, it’s natural to want to scratch and poke at it. But as we all know, that never, never makes it better! Instead, use an after sun product to make sure that it targets your inflammation and flaking. Try Clarin’s After Sun Moisturizer Ultra-Hydrating which soothes itching, irritation, and inflammation due to burns.

Step 4: Don’t forget your lips
Your lips are probably the most sensitive to sun exposure, so don’t forget to protect them with lip balm and Vaseline. Pick up Bobbi Brown’s Lip Balm SPF 15, as well! It’s infused with avocado and olive oil for intense hydration, and protection. This product uses Beeswax and Aloe Vera to help soothe those dry burns too!

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