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When it comes to taking photos, it really sucks to have a shine that’s not caused by highlighters. That’s right, we’re talking about natural oil that our skin produces. Sure, it’s good for you because that oil helps keep your skin moisturized; but too much of a good thing: isn’t such a good thing- especially when it comes to taking photos for a night out. So here at Beauty Coach, we’ve put together some tips and tricks as to how to get that perfect selfie, with the right kind of shine.

1. Moisturize! Sometimes, we concentrate so much on not being oily, that we think any kind of moisturizing is just going to encourage the oil. But actually, it does the complete opposite! Most of the time, your skin tries to compensate for the dryness by producing oil twice as much! So prevent over oily skin by realizing that some oil, is actually good oil!

2. Use a foundation that’s right for your skin type! A lot of the times, oily folks tend to use a dewy foundation, thinking that it will give them a glowing finish, but in reality- a matte foundation + oily skin will really do the trick for you! So instead of over compensating, opt for a foundation that is right for your skin type! Oily to matte, and matte to oily!

3. BLOT BLOT BLOT! One of the many essentials any beauty guru should have on at all times is blotting sheets. Blotting sheets, aka makeup setters, are used to blot away excess oil produced from the skin, or beauty products. We recommend using Shisheido Sweat and Oil Blotting Paper. Or, if you’re really on a money crunch, or simply forgot to pack a set of blotters, coffee filters and toilet seat covers are an excellent alternative! (Weird, we know, but it works!)

Hope these tips will help you get that perfect, glowing photo the next time you head out! Let us know your thoughts!

Beauty Coach Team

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