Texture Is In…Unless We’re Talking Skin

For those of us who have gotten facials , the word “texture” isn’t foreign when it comes to skin. However, what exactly is skin texture? As often as this word is used, it’s often overlooked just as much. Skin texture is often the result of excess dead skin cells on the surface, causing buildup and making the skin appear dull, rough, and bumpy. Furthermore, excess sun exposure can play a role in buildup of skin texture. Chances are, we’ve all suffered from uneven skin texture at one point or another in our lives. So how exactly do we get rid of texture, and make sure that our skin stays smooth?

First off, be sure to exfoliate. Using products such as Mario Badescu’s Botanical Exfoliating Facial Scrub effectively improves skin tone and texture, and is gentle enough for all skin types. By using botanical extracts such as ginger, green tea, and coconut, this exfoliant addresses the dead skin that builds up and causes uneven textures. Also try out Clinique’s Exfoliating Scrub for those with flaky skin. And be sure to stay away from products that are too harsh, such as those with beads inside the formula. Stuff like that can be too abrasive and will cause even rougher skin texture in the long run.

Next, a big culprit of uneven skin texture, is the uneven amounts of oil and sebum our skin produces. Often times, skin on the nose area will be rougher than those on the cheeks. This is because your nose and t- zone areas produce the most sebum. Therefore, try using an oil based product to even skin texture. To experience less buildup, products like Bare Mineral’s Oil Obsessed Total Cleansing Oil dissolves impurities, but helps balance your skin’s natural oil production.

Finally, try mixing vitamin C and sunscreen. Vitamin C will help to improve skin texture by repairing the skin of damage, but also serving as a protectant against future environmental damage. It can also reduce pigmentation in the skin as well. Murad’s Essential-C Moisture Broad Spectrum SPF 30+ is a product that combines both vitamin C and your daily SPF, making sure that your proportions are even. However, you can also mix a few drops of vitamin C serum into your daily sunscreen as well for a similar effect.

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