The Real Muscle Behind Face Toners


Some people are die hard about using a toner in their skincare routine, while others pass it off as an unnecessary step. What do toners even do? Do you need to use one to cleanse your face? Here at Beauty Coach, we LOVE adding a toner to our skincare routine! Whether you’re passionate (like us), skeptical, or maybe just indifferent, we want to give you a little rundown on what exactly a toner is used for and why we can’t live without one!

First off, what is a toner? Toners are a watery liquid type of skincare, typically applied with a cotton pad. The point of a toner is to rebalance your skin’s ph level and to prep your skin to receive what you put on next. Toners are easily absorbed into the skin and are meant to enhance your skin regimen. Don’t confuse toners for astringents, though, as they are actually very different. Astringents are much more potent and contain alcohol, which dries out the skin. Astringents may work for oily or acne prone skin, but we recommend asking your dermatologist first.


Toners do not have alcohol, and although you may feel like it’s drying out your skin, it’s really just removing any excess dirt and oils that your cleanser missed. Even tap water has chlorine and minerals that a toner will help remove, so your serum and moisturizer will be absorbed deeper into the skin. When are you supposed to use a toner? You can add a toner, like Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Toner, into your daily skincare routine, once or twice a day. Toners are used after your cleanser to get deep into your pores and remove excess dirt, makeup, grime, oils, etc. and get your skin primed for serums and moisturizers. To apply a toner, put some on a cotton pad and apply everywhere except the immediate eye area with gentle, sweeping motions. Be careful not to rub the toner on, as that may irritate the skin.


Using a toner is only going to make your serum and/or moisturizer preform better! Toners aren’t just for oily skin either. All skin types can benefit from adding a toner to their skincare, just look at the ingredients for one that suits your skin. We love Clinique’s Clarifying Lotion as there are 4 types depending if your skin is more dry, sensitive, or oily. If you were skeptical or indifferent before, we hope our passion for toners has rubbed off!

We think you’ll fall in love with using a toner, and it will become the skincare step you don’t want to skip! Bring out healthy, glowy skin with a great skincare routine.

Beauty Coach Team

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