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It’s official, the fall season is less that one month away. With that being said, here at Beauty Coach, we are beyond excited! One of our favorite parts about fall, is the transition period to get into it. So our mission is to help you make this transition from summer to fall as smooth and effortless as possible- after all, that’s what makes it so amazing!

The transition period is all about subtly. You want to still be in summer, but with a hint of fall. That way, once autumn is fully here, you’ll have successfully eased into it, vs as to jumping in guns blazing. Here are some awesome ways you can be ready for the cooler weather once it hits!


Although the cold weather is definitely needed after the scorching sunlight of the summer, it is also full of gloomy clouds and dry air. Now, it’s a very common myth that we don’t need sunscreen when there are clouds. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth! In fact, its times like that when we need sunscreen the most. During an overcast, there’s no way for your skin to soak up the Vitamin D, so therefore you end up with the harmful UV rays. Now, a way to transition yourself from hot to cool weathers is by using products like Neutrogena’s Beach Defense Body Spray Sunscreen with SPF 70. This way, your skin will be protected, but not lacking essential nutrients. Also, Coola’s Liplux with SPF 30 is a great way to protect your lips during the transition period a well! Furthermore, to reduce dryness in the skin and over production of oil, use Crème de la Mer Moisturizing Cream.


We all know how much we love to highlight in order to give us an amazing summer glow! But fall is a great time to try products like Hourglass’ Ambient Lightning Powder, especially in the shade Luminous Light! This line of powders not only has a soft formula, but a little bit goes a long way. The shade luminous light gives a subtle highlight, perfect to use as a transition highlighter between summer and fall. It gives the complexion a radiant look, and reduces redness. Furthermore, their Ambient Lightning Bronzer is highly pigmented and perfect for fall as well, giving a beautiful glow. And make sure you apply your foundations with a beauty blender, or Color Me’s Applicator: which creates a seamless look- which is essential when applying matte foundations during the fall!

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Your hair takes a beating while it adjusts to the weather. That being said, hair supplements like Nutrafol’s Supplements and Ouai Dry Hair Supplements help to prevent fallout, and replenishes the hair’s natural shine. Using shampoo for dry hair during this time would really help keep moisture in, in preparation for the dryer months. Moreover, humidity is going to rise over the next few weeks. So it’s a perfect time to purchase products like Klorane’s Dry Shampoo with Oats Milk, or Living Proof’s Perfect Hair Day!

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