Why You Still Need A Spray Tan in the Winter

No matter which coast you live on or what your natural skin tone is, we always feel great with a sun kissed glow. With the holidays in full swing, women everywhere have traded in their cut offs for a cozy pair of leggings (plus a few layers depending on which city you live in), and have left their razors to rust in the corner of the shower until March. Just because its cold and fashion has gone from neon to black and jewel tones, doesn’t mean your skin needs to suffer. Here’s a couple reasons why you should get a spray tan, especially in the winter time, and we think you’ll be surprised not every reason is skin deep…

Makeup Trends:


The contrast is killer, but its not Halloween anymore. With trends in lip color going full goth this season, a little glow to the skin will allow you to pull off that vampy look without scaring your relatives at Christmas dinner.



Between the months of October and December, dermatologists see more patients than any other time of the year. The reasons: Acne and anti-aging treatments. In the summer we take for granted the natural sun rays drying up those annoying breakouts, and some of us forget about exfoliating.. If you’re like us, by the time October hits, all those dead skin cells from your natural tan have clogged your pores and have you running to the dermatologist or esthetician. Where they often recommend a chemical peel to clear you up and help with the fine lines you are starting to get due to the sun exposure. Well, just as sun exposure is a double edged sword, so is spray tanning, but in a far less serious way. Spray tanning doesn’t age you or cause cancer, but it can dry your skin a little, thus clearing up your skin. This is a fact many of us in the spray tan industry don’t like to talk about because everyone in skin care is always stressing the importance of moisturizing, but its not actually a bad thing. As long as you stay hydrated and use a daily moisturizer, you will be able to keep your skin clear and tan all year round. It’s done wonders for the breakouts (especially those you get at that time of the month). Plus, a spray tan is a great way to put the color back in your cheeks after the Doctor removes all those damaged layers with a peel, leaving you extra sun sensitive.

Mental Health:


This is by far, the most important thing. Spray tans also help with your physical and mental well being. Seasonal changes can really screw with your head, and seasonal depression is no joke. We need to be active in training our brains out of it. There is a reason why you feel happy and energized after a walk on a warm sunny day and sad and depressed when its cold and dark by 4:30. When you look good, you FEEL GOOD, which also has been scientifically proven. Ever hear that people who smile more are happier? Well, its true!

Basically by keeping a healthy glow throughout the year you’ll be happier, your skin will thank you, and you won’t scare the relatives! Trust us. Everything looks better with a glow.

– Zoe Sloane

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