​Forget Hat Hair…It’s All About Headphone Hair!


When it comes to hair, headphones really have a way of cramping our style. From flattening our locks, to tangling our curls: headphones are an absolute nightmare to work with. So when enlisted by the Beats By Dre team to work to solve these problems; our very own top stylist, Riawna Capri asked, “Why not make your headphones work for you instead of against you?” And that’s exactly what she did.

Riawna expertly crafts a variety of different hair styles in order to create the perfect look for any occasion. From the airport, to the gym, and even everyday life- Riawna creates three styles that are perfect for pairing with headphones. “Headphones are being used as a tool to create the hair,” she says. And by doing so, headphones not only become a fashion accessory, it becomes a hair accessory.

Is “headphone hair” becoming the next new thing? We definitely think so! It’s convenient, cute, and definitely trendy! Check out the videos below and see how Riawna transforms a problem- into an opportunity.

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Beauty Coach Team

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