5 Habits for Healthy Hair


Do you ever struggle with your hair and wonder why it’s not cooperating? Having healthy hair can make all the difference in how your hair behaves. Here at Beauty Coach we know the pains of dull, frizzy hair. Whether you’re battling to get those natural waves or trying to hide those split ends, we have a few tips that can help.

1. Cut down on the color – We know this is easier said then done. The chemicals in hair dye can be very harsh on your hair, stripping it of it’s natural oils. One way to avoid the split ends and damaged hair is by using a semi permanent dye or a toner which won’t strip your hair. Another tip is to stop coloring your roots so much. Let them grow in and only color your ends for a healthy and trendy ombre.

2. Stress – Stress can be a big factor in hair loss and damage. Whether the stress is hormonal, emotional or physical, over time it can cause serious hair damage. When your stress is persistent it causes your hair to enter into a dormant or resting phase which means your hair will stop growing. Consistent stress can also cause the hair you have to fall out. Take time to manage your stress levels. Find ways to unwind and relax, and make sure you are getting enough sleep each night.


3. Diet and supplements – Make sure you are eating a protein rich diet for strong healthy hair. Eating the right foods will provide your hair with proper nutrients. A good diet can make a big difference in your beloved tresses. You need to consume enough Iron, Vitamin C, Zinc, Biotin, Omega-3, and protein for strong, healthy hair. We also have the benefits of vitamins to give our hair a nutrient boost. Biotin and Folic Acid are two popular supplements that help with hair growth and strength. Plus it will help your nails grow too!

4. Lay off the heat – Most of us have a special relationship with our heat tools, that help us conquer our bedhead or smooth down the frizz. But over time that blow dryer or flat iron will take a toll on our hair. Try air drying for a change! We love the Bumble and Bumble product “Don’t Blow It” to smooth and give body as our luscious locks air dry. There are also countless way to style without heat, including sock buns or sleeping with hair twisted around a headband. If you do use your heat tools, make sure to use a heat protectant on your hair and keep the temperature at or below 375 degrees.


5. Keep up with maintenance – Stay on top of those pesky split ends by getting a trim at least every three months. The longer you go without a cut, the split will work it’s way up higher and higher on the hair shaft. Another effective method of keeping hair healthy is using hair masks. At Beauty Coach we love a good hair mask! One of our favorites is Davines “Vegetarian Miracle Conditioner”. This conditioner/mask is oh so hydrating and makes your hair feel silky smooth! We love using this as an overnight mask for our hair. After your evening shower, apply it to towel dried hair, clip it up in a shower cap and go to sleep. Rinse it out in the morning and your hair will feel strong, silky, and healthy. Also using leave in conditioners or oils is a great way to keep hair hydrated, even during the harsh winter months.

We hope these tips help you achieve all your hair goals and help you feel like the most beautiful you!

Beauty Coach Team

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