Beach Hair, Don’t Care


NOW is the time to perfect your beachy hair style! There are so many different approaches to achieving that perfect lived-in curl look. If your hair already has some wave, you’ll just need the right products, but if your hair is straight we’ll let you know the best styling tools to use.

Our all time favorite product for all hair types is Davines Melu Spray. This spray is a heat protectant and also help achieve the piece-yness to your waves. We love using this spray for day two hair to refresh the curls and give some texture without the crunchiness that hairspray can give. Another favorite product is Bumble and Bumble Surf Infusion. This isn’t just any sea salt spray; it also has a blend of oils to help keep your hair from drying out. Spritz this product all over to get the perfect tousled, beach-worthy hair.

Another great tool to get your favorite messy curls is a bubble wand or tapered wand curling iron. We love using a bubble wand because it allows each section to be curled a little different, making it look oh so natural. Bed Head Rock ‘n’ Roller Ceramic Styling Iron is a great size for all hair types and is wallet friendly. Another great styling tool is to use a tapered curling iron such as the T3 Tousled Waves 1.25″ – 0.75″ Tapered Barrel. A tapered wand helps create loose curls that get slightly tighter towards the ends, which mimics naturally created beach hair. Try using the products together and enjoy your perfect beach tousled locks this season.

Beauty Coach Team

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