Beat The Summer Heat With These Hot


These hot summer days can have you living in a ponytail or begging for a haircut! None of us like that sticky feeling and sometimes our beloved tresses can only make it worse. But before you make any drastic haircut changes, check out these styles to keep cool but look hot!


On those real scorcher days, french braids will be your new best friend. This trendy hairstyle is perfect for keeping your neck cool and your hair out of your face. Take a page from the Kardashian book by trying four french braids instead of the traditional two. You can keep them tight and sleek, or pull them apart for a more messy, lived-in look.


Try a chic topknot this summer! You can dress it up or keep it casual, but either way you will definitely be feeling fresh. Add a cute headband for a playful look. Feeling bold? Try the oh so popular space buns! Or make your buns fancier by adding a french braid leading to the bun(s).


Lastly, don’t rule out the power of the ponytail. This simple hairstyle can make a powerful statement. Try curling your hair first, then your ponytail will have volume and body! You can also sport a chic ponytail with a bold metal hair cuff. Try adding a small braid down the side that trails into your ponytail. Spritz a little Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray for that effortless beachy look and you’re ready to go!
Don’t let the heat and humidity ruin your style! Give these hairstyles a try this summer, whether you’re at the pool or just trying to keep cool at work.

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