Can We Be Blunt?

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It’s 2017, and you know how it goes, “New year, new you!” But here at Beauty Coach, we’re stepping it up a notch and saying, “New year, new you, new hairdo!” 2016 was all about light and wispy, but this year, we’re kicking it into high gear: focusing on the structure of the hair.

With Nina Dobrev’s star appearance in the new film “XXX: Return of Xander Cage,” she’s definitely ready to start a new chapter in her life- and what better way to celebrate than to trade in her long, flowing hair- for Hollywood’s growing, newest trend: the blunt-yet-textured lob?

“This year, things are getting bolder…Blunt yet textured is going to be big,”
– says Beauty Coach’s own Riawna Capri

Riawna gave Nina this effortless look, and deemed it “2017’s blunt and choppy cut.” This look is all about structure, focusing and drawing our attention to the face, neck, and shoulders. Whereas last year focused on a shattered, wispy line; this year, the trend consists of zero layers, focusing on blunt pieces to maintain a dense weight line in order to create that effortless texture!

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With stars like Selena Gomez already getting into this new trend of blunt-yet-textured, all we know it that we can’t wait to see what other tips and styles Riawna has to give!

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