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Who ever said too much change was a bad thing? Because here at Beauty Coach, we couldn’t disagree more, especially when it comes to hair! So many artists’ looks are influenced by their career, so it’s no surprise that one of our favorite #901girl, Nina Dobrev, was no different. Having starred in the hit CW show, The Vampire Diaries, her character’s looks stayed consistent throughout the show. So after leaving the franchise, Nina took the world by storm, chopping off her long locks, in favor of a much shorter bob earlier this year, deemed: the DObrev.

Now it seems Nina was ready for yet another change. Beauty Coach and Nine Zero One owner, Riawna Capri, gave Nina another stunning transformation, and we can’t stop talking about it! Ditching her recent DObrev, she opted for something we’ve never seen on her before. This time, the new hairstyle is called, the “Nob,” (Nina-bob). We’ve seen Nina rock lobs and bobs before, but definitely never like this! Riawna debuted the “Nob” on multiple instagram posts this past week, and we were definitely blown away by the hair transformation. The most stunning difference is the not quite wispy; yet, not quite blunt, bangs that fall in front of Nina’s face.

The actress’s new hair was inspired by her new role as a Parisian artist, Chloe, in the upcoming film, Lucky Day. The cut is definitely shorter and sleeker. This razor sharp hairdo, is full of angles, and super chic. Furthermore, the new chop ends below Nina’s chin in the front, getting shorter and shorter as it reaches the back. And Riawna, who just happens to be Nina’s best friend, says,


“We concocted this chic European look for her character.” – Riawna Carpri

Riawna also tells us that Nina’s hair has a “French Fringe” going on—and it’s absolutely flawless! It seems like Nina’s definitely going to keep changing up her hair for future roles. For right now, hair keeps getting shorter and shorter, and we can’t wait to see what Riawna has in store for the actress. After all, who better to pull off this new look (and future ones) than Nina?

Be sure to check out Nina’s new, edgy look, in Roger Avery’s new movie, Lucky Day!

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