Emma Roberts Goes “Champagne Pop”!

One of our favorite #901 girls is back at it again with yet another color change. Emma Roberts wanted to achieve a lighter blonde, and who better for the task than our very own hair stylist, Riawna Capri, co-owner of Nine Zero One Salon! Emma seems to have made headlines a lot this year with her many different hair styles and colors. However, it turns out Emma started the process for this color change way back in August, with the goal of being a unique shade of blonde. Now, after three lightning sessions, she now debuts her new color, deemed “Champagne Pop!”

Doesn’t that sound familiar? It’s because Emma and Riawna worked together to make sure that the inspiration behind Emma’s hair came from, and matched, one of our favorite highlighters: Champagne Pop from Becca Cosmetics. The “Champagne Pop” color in Emma’s hair is a mixture of a warmer, but light champagne blond with ashy (cooler) platinum hues. This combo isn’t seen very often, but looks absolutely beautiful when styled, so you can see the array of color underneath the hair!

But that’s not all, as we know, Riawna loves to go the extra mile to make sure that the hair not only looks beautiful, but flawless! So therefore, she added darker roots, and white blond ends, to make sure that the shine and light of the hair doesn’t go unnoticed!

Now, as much as we love this new hair color on Emma, this beautiful color wasn’t easy to achieve. Riawna says, “We knew going lighter from brunette is a process, so this color was eventually what we knew we would get to as it can’t happen in one process!” That’s why it took Emma three sessions, since August, to get to this perfect perfect blonde.

“Three times the charm,” – Riawna Capri.


Riawna tells other stylists who are trying to achieve the same look, or a version of a light blonde to, “make sure with every appointment, you trim those ends to keep the health of the hair.” So that explains Emma’s continuing shorter locks! Furthermore, Riawna recommends the using the following products in order to make sure the hair stays healthy during the process of achieving Champagne Pop: Oplex’s in my lightener, and Joico’s Lumishine 9NV + 9V.

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