Graffiti Hair: Hot or Not in 2017?


Hair trends come and go, especially when it comes to a new year! Glitter roots made a name for itself in 2016 and was HUGE hit at Coachella and countless music festivals. Beauty Coach is placing it’s bet on 2017’s version of this glitter trend. We’re talking Graffiti Hair people! It caught our attention not too long ago but, we’re thinking it’s gonna be the next big trend around the festival months.

Now don’t freak out, it’s not actual spray paint. Several hair companies have their own spray paints that are meant to go in your hair and won’t cause any damage or permanent stains in your hair. The brand Joico has the cutest spray paints called “Instatint” that comes in a variety of colors and even glitter. Super easy to use too. First choose a stencil design that suits your personal style. There’s a whole world of stencils out there, you can run to your nearest arts and crafts store and grab a few. We’ve seen awesome geometric, color blocking and floral designs. Style hair as usual and place the stencil in the perfect spot. Holding spray about 10-12 inches from your tresses (depending on size of the stencil) spray only on the hair you want to be colored. We recommend a practice run before your big event, you don’t want your hair to end up looking like a hot mess. Spay in quick even strokes, remove stencil and VOILÁ! Picture perfect and super on trend. Warning: for all you blondies or pastel colored beauties, these paints could temporarily stain the hair. Don’t fear, nothing a good scrub in the shower with a clarifying shampoo can fix.


Beauty Coach is betting that graffiti hair is going to make a huge statement in 2017. It’ll definitely be this year’s glitter root trend. We’re sure this trend will make you the center of attention wherever you go- especially if you hit up all those music festivals in the Spring!

Beauty Coach Team

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