How to Get Nina Dobrevs Globes Look

During award season, all eyes go to the red carpet. That’s where all the major fashion moments happen! Putting a look together is all about finding the perfect balance between three key things. The dress. The makeup. The hair. All equally important to pull off a major red carpet moment. Here at Beauty Coach, we have a look #BTS getting ready with Nina Dobrev thanks to her hair guru, Riawna Capri.

Three days prior to the Golden Globes Nina chose her dress and went straight to Riawna so they could discuss options for hair. Riawna and Nina were on the same page from the get-go when it came to deciding on a romantic look for the 2016 Golden Globes. They both wanted to create an effortless, not-too-perfect, whimsical up-do with a combination of twists, knots, and braids. Using Unite Haircare, here are the steps Riawna gave us for recreating this beautiful mess.

1. Start with dry hair and spray Unite’s Glossing Spray all over the hair to protect it from the use of heat tools. Then, curl the entire head with a 3/4 inch curling iron like Enzo Milano 19mm Loosen up the curls by running the fingers through the hair and add some texture with Unite’s Texturiza Spray.

image1 (11)

2. Create a pompadour like lift with the center section of the hair and pin with two duck bill clips to keep the height in the hair.

3. Next, create an inside out French braid with the hair on each side of the head from the temple on down. It’s more difficult to see braids on brunettes compared to blondes, so an inside-out French braid is perfect for that extra pop!

4. Tie a rubber band at the bottom of the braid and wrap it under so it almost resembles a snail shell, then pin it into place. Fatten the braid by spraying Unite’s Expanda Dust Spray on it and then gently pull it apart.


5. Grab pieces of the remaining center section of the hair, twist it, knot it, and pin it in place. The idea is to create fullness in the hair, but with more of a lived-in look, so be sure to leave some ends of the hair sticking out.


6. Lastly, remove the duck bill clips and connect the top part of the hair with the bottom section so the up-do looks blended and uniform. The sections should all melt together at this stage. Lock the hair into place with Unite’s Session Max Spray and then use Unite’s Glossing Spray to soften the hair and add shine for the perfect elegant up-do.

image5 (2)


Theres a fine line between a beautiful mess and a complete disaster, lucky for us, Riawna Capri never crosses it.

Xoxo, BC Team


Collage made by: @LabyrinthofCollages
Hairstylist: @RiawnaCapri
Makeup Artist: @Beau_Nelson
Stylist: @ilariaurbinati

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