How to Get the ‘Everyday Wave’


There’s something effortlessly cool about second day hair that a fresh blowout just can’t compete with, so if there was a way to perpetually live in hair that was just the right amount of dirty, we’d be first in line to sign up. The natural grittiness lends itself to being heat-styled, making the perfect base for wavy hair. This tutorial has been one of our most requested stories, and for good reason. The style is universally flattering for all haircuts and types, and is just messy enough to give you that ‘woke up like this’ edge.


You’ll need:
Hot Tools NexGen Curling Iron ($90) in 1 1/4 in.
Unite Texturiza Spray ($32)
Oribe Superfine Hairspray ($33)


This hairstyle works best on day-old hair, but if you want to create the look on clean hair, mist Unite Texturiza Spray ($32) before styling.


Contrary to popular belief, leaving all of your hair down when curling creates a more appealing curl, so forgo pinning it half up and starting underneath. Begin by sectioning off hair in half over each shoulder. Grab a small piece that matches the width of your curling iron, starting right behind your bangs.


Leaving the clamp down, hold the curling iron above your head, with the end pointing towards the floor and begin wrapping your hair around the curling iron away from your face. Be sure to hold about two inches out at the end to achieve maximum beachiness.


Grab the second piece of hair from right behind your ear, pulling straight, then mimicking the same wrapping motion as before. Continue curling until the entire side is curled and you have three to four wrapped curls.


Repeat the same techniques on the other side, starting right behind your bangs and wrapping the hair away from your face.


To create an added layer of dimension, section off two to three small pieces on the top of each side of your head. Pull from the middle of curls to break up the waves, curling using the same wrapping technique.


Using the clamp on the iron, curl the ends of your bangs back, away from your face.


To give hair body and that lived-in look, lightly spray Unite Texturiza Spray ($32), being careful not to hold the bottle too close to your hair.


Set the style using Oribe Superfine Hairspray ($33).


Run your fingers gently through your hair to break up the curls.


Have a curling technique you love? Let us know in the comments!

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