Never Have A Bad Hair Day Again!

We’ve all had days where either our hair absolutely doesn’t want to work with us, or we’ve missed too many showers that it can’t work with us! Of course, the simple solution is to throw our hair up into a ponytail or slap on a hat. However, even though that may seem like the obvious solution, here at Beauty Coach we’re going to tell you our sure fire ways to make sure that our hair “don’ts” turn into hair “do’s!”

The first solution we have is that you have to realize is that not all hair is made the same, so you have to customize your haircare routine based on your hair type! If your hair is dry, be sure to purchase products that moisturize the hair. If your hair tends to produce oil faster than others, try Christophe Robin’s Purifying Scrub with Scrub with Sea Salt, or any deep cleansing shampoo. Once you use products that are best suited for your hair type, not only will grease production on your scalp slow down, but your hair will be healthier: making sure that it’s ready for styling.

Now, as much as we hate to admit it, we’ve all had days where we’ve skipped one too many hair washes. On these days, dry shampoo is definitely our holy grail item! Drybar’s Detox Dry Shampoo is an awesome product that absorbs oil, leaving your hair feeling fresh and clean! An awesome hack is to put the dry shampoo in before your hair gets oily, that way it will absorb whatever you produce first!

Furthermore, if you’re hair just isn’t styling no matter what you do, try using a texturizing spray like Oribe’s Dry Texturizing Spray. Adding texture to the hair allows us to style, even on the worst of hair days. This allows your hair to grip styling tools easier, and also creates volume for flat hair. A great tip is to use dry shampoo and texturizing spray to create a flawless look.

Finally, much like the oil cleansing method, your hair can also use oil to fight off oil. Using coconut oil or Kopari Coconut Melt and Mini Coconut Sheer Oil, can help to rebalance the hair. Using these products on bad hair days can help to counter the oil and dullness of your hair.

Give these methods a try and tell us how they work!

Beauty Coach Team

Julie Vu


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