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Whatever your plans may be for Valentines Day, we all love to get into the spirit of things! Maybe you are adorning your nails with glitter and hearts, or going with the ever fabulous red lipstick, or maybe you’re still deciding what to do. In any case, we have come up with a few hairstyles that will surely make him swoon.


Big, soft, voluminous curls are perfect for your Valentines Day date! You can create this look whether your hair is long or you’re sporting a bob. Choose a curling iron or wand with a barrel size for your hair length. We love Hot Tools Professional Spring Iron. You really want to focus the curls in the midsection of your hair: don’t start too close to the roots and leave a little bit of ends out. Next comb through the curls with your fingers and spritz with a little Evo’s Builder’s Paradise spray. You’re left with beautiful, soft curls that will pair with any outfit!

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We couldn’t think of a more romantic hairstyle than a braid. We’re talking big, loose, wispy braids! You can do one french braid or fishtail braid down the back or to the side. Make sure to sprinkle a little of Unite’s Expanda Dust on the braid for texture. You can then pull apart the braid leaving a few pieces out around your face for that perfectly undone effortless look.


To take it up a notch, combine the two styles! Curl your hair before you braid it for added extravagance. Maybe just pull the top half of your hair back to be braided, so you can enjoy a braid while still having your hair down. Add a floral clip or wispy barrette or even add a few hair rings to your braid! Swooning over all the new hair accessories from Kitsch. The options are endless and we hope you have fun creating a beautiful style for your Valentines Day (or any day!).

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