Sarah’s Hyland’s Favorite Flavor… #CinnamonChocolate


It’s finally August and that means that the fall season isn’t too far away. With the approach of fall, of course, means that we’re all ready to jump right back into work! So that being said, now is the perfect time to transition from those bright and bold summer colors, to dark, neutral, and anti summer tones.

“That is, if you’re willing to walk on the dark side of trends,” Nikki Lee (co-founder of Nine Zero One Salon) says.

Breaking the rules and going for brunette sooner rather than later, one of our favorite #901girls and Modern Family actress, Sarah Hyland, opted for this route when she went from blonde to a deep, warm, #CinnamonChocolate in order to do some upcoming filming!


Beauty Coach’s own stylist, Nikki Lee, created Sarah’s newest hair color: the #CinnamonChocolate look. She wanted to establish a new look for Sarah’s time on camera, and knew that it was best to go dark and keep the hair as healthy as possible while Sarah was on set. The hair color she is a mixture of red undertones in a brunette shade, which is exactly what Sarah had wanted: a dark red and brown, which inspired the name #CinnamonChocolate.

Nikki says, “I love Sarah dark because it brings out her gorgeous green eyes and looks so good on her skin tone!”

Not only did Sarah get a color change, but made some length changes as well! Sarah recently sported her short blonde hair, but traded that in for the complete opposite.

Nikki Lee, along with her Nine Zero One co- founder (and bff), Riawna Capri, having work with many professional on-screen celebrities knew that it takes a lot of work to make sure that the hair looks pristine on camera. The two knew that touch ups weren’t unfamiliar when it came to filming: which can cause major damage to Sarah’s healthy and natural hair. So in order to minimize this and eliminate any extra heat styling needed during this process, Nikki and Riawna made sure to add extensions to Sarah’s hair in order to create fullness and add additional protection from all the damage that is bound to happen on set. Adding extensions to Sarah’s hair not only helps to minimize damage, but the extensions are sure to hold any type of styling really well.


After Nikki and Riawna were done creating Sarah’s #CinnamonChocolate look, as a finishing touch, Nikki made sure to put a gloss in Sarah’s hair, like she does with all her clients. The gloss helps to lock in Sarah’s hair; that way, Sarah’s hair color is sure to stay shiny; which is great news considering the fact that Sarah’s hair is definitely here to stay… at least through the filming of Modern Family that is!

“What I love about Sarah is she’s never afraid of a big change! Most people want to take baby steps to get to the end result, but Sarah’s all or nothing,” Nikki says.

Given the fact that the actress isn’t afraid of owning a bold, new look and isn’t scared to change it up: when asked if Sarah likes her locks a bright and vibrant blonde, or if she prefers a warm brunette (both colors Sarah has rocked in the past); Nikki says that it completely depends on what kind of mood Sarah’s in, and that she likes them both- which makes total sense considering how good she looks in both of the colors!


Be sure to catch Sarah rock her new hairdo this fall when Modern Family returns to ABC in late September!

Beauty Coach Team

Julie Vu


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