She Bang, She Bang, OH BABY!


Raise your hands if you’ve recently had an itch to chop some bangs?! There’s no doubt bangs (or fringe) have always been in style. Bangs are especially hot in the Fall/Winter months and that’s not too far away friends! Celebs like T-Swift, Zooey Deschanel, Bella Thorne and Kim Kardashian have all graced us with this look and it’s no wonder these beauties make us wanna make that change. You’re definitely not alone when you get that sudden urge to run to your hairdresser but, let’s come back down to earth and be honest with ourselves…bangs don’t look the same on everyone. There are many different face shapes and features to take into consideration. Let Beauty Coach take the guess work out of deciding on the perfect style of fringe to flatter you by following this foolproof guide to face shapes.


Oval Face Shape – Oval faced gals are the luckiest. Every type of bang looks great on your face shape. Oval faces can pull off blunt, wispy and side swept bangs. So jealous!


Round Face Shape – Round faces look best in soft, wispy bangs. Anything else will look a bit more harsh and can actually make your face look rounder rather than flatter your shape.


Square Face Shape – With such a strong jawline, the best fringe to flatter your face will be side swept or “eye-grazing” bangs.


Heart Face Shape – longer, wispier bangs look best on you! you can even play up the length by sweeping them off the to side when you feel like switching it up.

Place your trust in your hairstylist, they know what works when it comes to playing up your best features. We hope these few tips help when you feel daring enough to bang it out. Don’t forget to rock your new look with sass and confidence!


Beauty Coach

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