Short Hair Tips From the Short Hair Master

Ok ladies you did it, you finally got the cut you’ve been wanting for the last year, and you love it! However you just washed it for the first time after your hairstylist did it and you’re freaking out! You don’t know how to style it! Well not to worry… We’ve got you covered! Beauty Coach Expert Riawna Capri, who specializes in short hair, taught us a few tricks on styling short hair without using heat. She knows a thing or two about styling short cuts after creating that short textured look on Julianne Hough in 2012 (#thejulianne), as well as Emma Robert’s and J. Law’s current short styles.


Capri advises that if you have short hair your best bet is to utilize your natural texture, which means learning how and what products work best. “You don’t want to have to use a flat iron or curling iron, because let’s face it, you didn’t chop all your hair off to fry it with heated tools everyday, right?” Here is Riawna’s method to the madness of styling short hair without using heat:

1. When in the shower, after shampooing, make sure to comb your hair while your conditioner is in. Then rinse.
2. Towel dry your hair by blotting and squeezing the water out. Not rubbing from side to side. Do NOT brush, you already did that in the shower.
3. Protect and condition with a leave in conditioner
4. Control the frizz with a light smoothing cream that will weigh it down just enough to eliminate the poofiness.
5. For extra dry and frizzy hair add a dime size amount of your favorite oil
6. Key point: make sure you get every strand equally. Take the time to rub it evenly throughout.
7. As your hair is drying flip flop your part to each side, back and forth every 5 minutes or so, therefore not creating an exact part.
8. Riawna’s secret: put your glasses on your head and push your bang area forward to allow it to dry with ultimate lift and volume!
9. When your hair is remotely dry, spray a texturizing spray at your root for lift and bounce.


10. Lightly mist and scrunch a sea salt spray all over. Just enough to dirty and roughen up the hair.
11. Flip your hair upside down and add your favorite spray wax to the ends of your hair and twist a few pieces to create that piecey, edginess that makes everyone ask, “How did you make your hair look like that?”
12. Run your hands through your hair throughout the day and flip your part from left to right each hour if not more, to give it that effortless “I don’t give a fuck” look Capri says… “And someway, somehow, it happens to makes you look cooler than you really are…. Oh wait. That’s just me. Ha.”

We know this seems like a lot of work and even more product, but trust us. You’ll have healthier hair, spend less time styling it, look and feel better than ever, and absolutely love your new short hair.

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