Simple, Chic Summer Hair Accessories


If you’re not already feeling the heat, you definitely will be in a few weeks! Now, as much as we love our locks blowing in the breeze, reality is: your hair is probably only going to look good for five minutes before you turn into a dripping mess. And we’re sure you hate having your hair constantly cling to the back of your neck all the time, so that’s why here at Beauty Coach, we’re hoping to help you spice up your summer do’s with some must have accessories!


First off, braids are definitely helpful when it comes to beating the heat. They’re not only super cute, but can easily be dressed up or dressed down. That being said, hair rings and hair wraps are definitely huge trends you might want to try and incorporate into your braids. We recommend trying Regal Rose’s Engraved Hair Charm Set to spice up your do, ensuring that you look super stylish, all while keeping yourself cool.


Next, why not add accessories to your everyday pony? People tend to have the misconception that ponytails are bland and boring, but that couldn’t be further from the truth! Hair ties like Oribe’s Geometric Gold Plated Metal Pony, and the ‘Atelier’ Enamel Cuff Ponytail Holder found at Nordstrom, can turn your ponytail from casual to chic in seconds!


Finally dress up your summer hair, while keeping it out of the way, with hats! Hats come in so many different styles you can’t possibly go wrong! And the best part is: you’ll not only look super cute and trendy, but you’ll be giving yourself a little extra shade while the sun is out too! Now that’s awesome!

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Julie Vu


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  1. What is that accessory that is in the picture that looks like Wonder woman’s tiara upside down on the page that lists the blog titles fir tress obsessed. Luv it for the updo

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