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2017 has been the year to warm up the tones in your hair! When looking for a new hue to take your do this Spring, look no further than one of Beauty Coach’s consistent inspirations: Demi Lovato! Demi has had two dramatic color changes so far in 2017, all thanks to Alchemist Amber (Nine Zero One Artist Amber Maynard Bolt). Her brief honey blonde phase this winter made us excited for the golden blonde tones we hope to see in summer hair this year.

Amber then transitioned Demi’s tresses back to a stunning warm brunette; she deemed the rich tones of Demi’s new brown ‘Liquid Chocolate’.

Beauty Coach’s exclusive interview with Amber gave insight on how to achieve this hot trend of 2017!

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Beauty Coach (BC): What was the inspiration behind this color?
Amber Maynard Bolt (AMB): The inspiration was to keep her hair dark without it looking black. Staying rich and sexy. Also, because she has blonde still lurking underneath her color, using warm tones helps keep her hair looking healthier.

BC: Was this a complete dye job? If so, what was the process like? How long did it take?
AMB: This was just a retouch from her last color. I based and glossed her hair today; but during her complete color transformation dye job, I based and low lighted her whole head using various tones of rich chocolate brown followed up by a warm and rich gloss to seal in her new deeper hair color.

BC: What was the inspiration behind the name, Liquid Chocolate?
AMB: It’s what her hair looks like in person now. It’s lustrous, rich and shiny, which translates into healthy hair!

BC: What advice would you give to our readers who are interested in changing their hair color?
AMB: If you’re interested in a big change, do your research!!! Find someone in your city who specializes in dramatic color changes! Also, do your own research of which tones best compliment your skin tone; try on wigs to get the best result! Everyone is different and has varying undertones to their skin, everyone won’t look good with every color. Lastly: be patient! This can be a long process. Major color changes don’t always happen in one salon visit, or if they do it’s lengthy. It can take anywhere from 6 hours to 3 appointments, this is so the colorist can keep the integrity of your hair.

BC: What hair colors and styles do you think are going to be big in 2017?
AMB: Big in 2017… I see red! I see richer colors. Less ash, more beige and gold, which is more complementary on most people. Ash can be harsh on some skin tones so I am excited to see more warmth this year!

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