The Art Of Going Blonde


With the spring season right around the corner, big changes are starting to emerge when it comes to hair. More recently, Beauty Coach’s own Riawna Capri took on the challenge of transforming #901girl, Hilary Duff’s, hair into a new shade of blonde. “I love to make people feel beautiful,” says Riawna, “…I love making people FEEL happy!” Read below as Riawna walks us through the process of making Hilary feel beautiful, confident, and happy; as well as letting us in the loop about some major trends coming this spring!

On Hilary’s Hair Transformation:
Being a trendsetter as it is, Hilary was ready for a change. So when she enlisted Riawna’s help, she was more than eager to take on the project!

“We knew we wanted to keep her bright and definitely on the cooler side. We planned on a bright beige,” says Riawna.


So start off, Riawna walks us through the steps on how she achieved Hilary’s fabulous blonde locks. She begins by foiling Hilary’s entire head, using a combo of weaves and slices. She starts in the back and works her way to the front using both 20 Volume and 30 volume developer with New Blond Life lightener. Then, in-between the foils, she brightened Hilary’s previously highlighted hair by painting the ends with a lightener and a 10 volume. When she was done processing and lifting her hair to a pale blond, Riawna did an all over tone using Joico Lumishine 9NV, applying it to the roots first for about five minutes and then working her way to the mid-shaft and ends.

“Hilary absolutely loved her color, it’s a big change for her!” Riawna tells us. “The tone from Joico Lumishine left it this beautiful bright beige that we were going for and it looks amazing on her… SO SHINY!”


On Joico Products:
Now, if this is the first time you’ve heard of Joico products, you might want to give it a try! Joico Blonde Life haircare system is an at-home detoxifying system for blondes. Its’ ingredients fight brassiness and maintain tone so their blonde color continues to look bright and beautiful long after their appointment.

Now, Riawna reveals some tips and tricks on how to maintain healthy, shiny, dull-free hair! Seeing as how Joico has an “in salon” product that she can use on her clients and an “at-home” haircare line, it was the perfect choice to use on Hilary. Riawna never wants her clients’ hair to become damaged, so applying Joico’s reparative mask on the ends of the hair really protects it during the coloring service; but the real secret trick is the at home system.


Joico’s Blonde Life Brightening and Detoxifying shampoo conditioner and mask, mixed with a Raindrops shower filter (@raindrops901), is going to keep Hilary’s hair bright and light- not dull and dingy, all the way until her next appointment! And Hilary loves the shampoo; after one wash she tells us how her hair felt “…conditioned even before using any conditioner!”

“Now that’s magic!” – Riawna Capri

On Spring and Summer Trends:
Speaking of blondes, new trends are definitely beginning to emerge! Riawna tells us how blondes are sure to go less ashy and icy, and more buttery- seeing as how she’s been playing with a lot more golden and buttery tones lately. But not everyone carries the same tone, so some blondes might not be right for certain individuals. Riawna looks at a clients’ skin tone and eye color; and if she sees gold or warmth in their eyes, she recommends going more buttery instead of icy- but remember: it all depends on the person!


Finally, as we all know, Coachella is right around the corner, and Riawna lets us in on a trend that’s sure to take flight during festival season. Whereas last year was glitter buns, Riawna tells us that this year, “Knots are the new braids!”

We can’t wait to see what other tips and tricks Riawna has to share, and remember:

“Great hair color = fun!”
– Riawna Capri

Beauty Coach Team

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