The Ultimate Guide to Dry Shampoos


Dry shampoo is the OG beauty product sidekick. Surely your hairdresser has given you the ’48 hours between shampooing’ spiel, but beyond extending our washes, the best ones also provide volume and texture, giving life to even the limpest of locks. Whether you’re looking to spend those extra 10 minutes in bed each morning (always), or create the ever-coveted Blake Lively texture, keep reading for our four product picks.


Kerestase K Powder Bluff ($35): There may not truly be a substitute for freshly washed hair, but this product sure comes close. This dry shampoo is light on the powder, and heavy (in a good way) on the scent, leaving no residue behind. Our favorite option post-Soul Cycle, especially since it won’t make set in greasy hair or make it sticky.

Loreal Professional Volumetry Powder Fresh SOS Refreshing Spray ($18): Great for fine haired gals, this product soaks up oil while being light on your roots. It is specially formulated for thin hair, so it also creates the illusion of thicker tresses, while still leaving hair soft and touchable.

Sexy Hair Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Dry Shampoo($18): A tamed-down version of the brands Powder Play, this dry shampoo creates major texture, (read: not for those afraid of grittiness), but doubles as a styling aid, as well as wash-extender. If you got a little heavy handed with the hair oil, a quick spray of this absorbs it right up.

KMS California Hair Play Makeover Spray ($18): Rice powder is a key ingredient in this mattifying product, adding bulk and heft to hair. The best part? It penetrates even the thickest strands, but a little goes a long way, and the powder is highly pigmented, so use sparingly and build up gradually.

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