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As we all know, the 89th annual Oscars ceremony took place on Sunday, and to say that the night was full of surprises is an understatement! Of course, here at Beauty Coach, we couldn’t help but marvel at the bold hair debuts that our #901girls, Emma Roberts and Nina Dobrev, made!


Emma came to the Oscars looking fiercer than ever. Earlier this month, Emma traded her blonde locks for a spicier red: #CayenneSpice. Like last time, she enlisted the help of longtime friend and hair stylist, Nikki Lee: co-owner of Nine Zero One Salon, in order to make things even hotter! Read below to find out how Nikki turned Emma’s hair into an even deeper shade of Cayenne Spice, plus styling it so Emma was red carpet ready!


1. As Nikki says, “Every great style starts with a good shampoo and conditioner.” So for Emma’s look, she used
2. Next, she towel-dried her hair and applied Abba’s leave in treatment in order to assist through the blowout. This allowed Nikki to use a round brush in order to glide through the hair, giving it shine and bounce.
3. After the blowout, Nikki gave Emma a deep side part and began to set her hair with a 1” curling iron, starting on the sides and working from the bottom up, all while making sure that the hair was curled in the same direction.
4. Then, she moved onto the back, setting it the same as the sides. Once Emma’s hair was all set, she let the hair cool for 15 minutes.
5. She then took the set out and started brushing the hair with a Mason Pearson, in order to create the perfect Hollywood glam.
6. Finally, once Nikki was happy with the shape, she locked it in with a strong hair spray- making Emma look like a #VintageDream!


Now, much like Emma, Nina Dobrev decided that the Oscars was definitely the time to “go big or go home!” Nina turned to her BFF and co-owner of Nine Zero One Salon, Riawna Capri, to make sure that she was Oscar ready! Earlier this year Nina went from long luscious locks, to opting for an edgy, blunt-but-textured lob. Now, it looks like things are getting a lot bolder- she chopped off three inches… right before the Vanity Fair Oscars Party! When asking Riawna who’s idea it was to go shorter, she says,


“The consensus was mutual, but I’ve been wanted to take her shorter for weeks! And what better time to debut it than a good ol Oscar party.”

With the new haircut being a few inches shorter, it takes a spin on the classic bob, showcasing more of the neckline, and “…there’s something sexy about doing so… that gap makes everything look so elegant”
– says Riawna.

She also tells us how Nina was actually more nervous for THIS cut than the last one; and funnily enough, Riawna was actually more excited for this cut compared to the last! Read below to find out how Riawna transformed Nina’s look!

1. Riawna began by dry cutting Nina’s hair, cutting off close to three inches in order to show off her neck in between the shoulder and hair.
2. After she was finished cutting, she washed Nina’s hair with Marula Oil Light Rare Oil Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner to enhance the texture.
3. Then, she rough dried the hair and applied Marula Oil Light Rare Oil Dry Mist– a heat protectant that doesn’t weigh down the hair and is great for preventing breakage!
4. Wanting to avoid an overly polished look, Riawna only used a brush to style Nina’s hairline and the crown. Then she curled hair in three sections to enhance the volume and add some edge to the look.
5. Finally, she set everything in place with a flexible- hold hairspray: Marula Oil Rare Oil Perfecting Hairspray.

And as for styling tips and recommendations, Riawna says to, “Utilize your natural hair texture to its maximum potential! Once your hair is air-dried then curl the top layer to enhance your natural texture. And don’t forget short hair is always better dirty so layer up on the texturizing products and don’t wash every day!”

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